My main bass since 1996 is my Ernie Ball MusicMan Stingray

The latest addition is a Bacchus 417 AC

Wanted to have some Old School sound , so I got myself a Squier Affinity Pbass and modified it with EMG GZR PJ pickups

    Then i changed the body and neck :


Mesa Boogie Subway D-800



              My PreAmp is a Darkglass B7K Ultra – great sound  

             Compressor –  Origin Effect Cali76 Compact Bass

Then there are all the toys 🙂 

Best Envelope Filter ever

A Great Octaver .. bassiclly two T-16 put together!!

 Fun Source Audio Gear






              A Small synth pedal with Big sound !!



                 Controlling everything easilly …

A Great tool to work with to get inspirations and ideas



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